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Sandra Ryan

MSc, BSc (Hons), CWem, CEnv, CSci

Sandra is a Chartered Environmental Consultant with 20 years’ experience specialising in water resource management.

Sandra is a Chartered Environmental Consultant with 20 years’ experience solving water related problems for water utilities, industrial, and commercial clients.  Her experience includes building long-term water demand forecasts and demand and supply-side solutions for 8 of the wholesale water companies in England and Wales.

She has proven track record solving water-related constraints to housing and industrial development for over 15 Local Authorities, integrating water resources and supply, water quality, drainage, sewerage, and water treatment solutions.

Competition for water impacts business profitability and Sandra has found solutions for site-managers in the Food and Beverage, and Chemicals manufacturing industries facing short-term and chronic water scarcity. She also provides strategies to help companies take more responsibility for water sustainability improvements. 

In addition to implementation projects, Sandra has developed technical guidance on water supply planning, water efficiency, and water reuse and recovery for the UK Water Industry (UKWIR), Defra, and the Environment Agency. Previously was a member of the CIWEM Water Resources Panel, and co-authored “Water Resources: A New Water Architecture “(2017) [Wiley publishers] to inspire and enable water and sustainability professionals manage water better.

Sandra founded ‘No New Water’ in 2018 to provide her expertise to clients who need sustainable water management solutions.  She provides valuable associate support to the Logika team and their clients.

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